Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Divaderme Eyelash Extensions!

I'm sitting here watching HSN (again) and the cosmetic brand Ready To Wear is on. They are talking about a product called lash extensions. 

A few years ago I bought a product from QVC called Divaderme lash extender, which is the same exact thing as the Ready To Wear stuff, in the same package and everything..

I just wanted to talk about what a great product this is. All you have to do is put on a coat of mascara, a coat of the lash extender, and then one more coat of mascara to seal it in. Inside this little tube is dry lash fibers, when you brush them over wet mascara they stick to it and make your lashes longer and fuller. It's super easy and just takes a little bit of extra time, This will definitely make anyones lashes look full and beautiful, if you were ever interested in trying this out I would definitely jump on it, plus the price is great too, in my opinion. There are just two negatives to this product, number one would be that as you apply it you will get a lot of fibers falling down underneath your eye. Since the fibers are dry the do brush off clean, but it is still kind of annoying to have to deal with that. To help with that I tend to do my eyes first when I use this product, it helps with clean up. The next negative to me is that it tends to make lashes look clumpy. I personally don't mind a little clumping so this doesn't bother me that much, but I can see how some people would hate it. to help with that you definitely have to work with the product and a lash comb definitely helps. While the two negatives of this product wont stop me from using it/ repurchasing it, it's definitely something to be aware of before buying it. Whether you decide to buy it off of HSN or QVC i'm sure you will love this product as much as I do, especially if you have little lashes.

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Project 10 Pan! Products I Have Hit Pan On And Finished!

Hey Everyone! 
Recently, I have been buying way too much makeup, and today that ends. I really need to start saving money, plus I have a few non-makeup related things that I want (Ipod, elliptical, etc.) About a month ago I started a project ten pan that sadly failed do to the Sephora friends and family sale. Since then I have finished a couple of items and have started to finish up a few more. I'm going to start with 10 products but will definitely continue, my goal is about 30 or so products.
 Here are all the pictures of the products that are almost finished, Enjoy!

I keep all the products that I want to finish in this clear bowl on may vanity, it helps to keep them visible so I remember to use them everyday. These are mostly products that i want to finish, but I have other products in my collection that will be added as I hit pan/ finish them.

Bare minerals night treatment: almost done! I only have a couple more uses of this, and I already have a backup ready to go, plus they re-did the packaging so I cant wait to get that one too!

Cargo plant love lipstick in Lindsay
ew.. its way too creamy and it melts like crazy.
can't wait to finish it, I have had it for way too long.

Benefit dandelion blush: this definitely has a lot of product left in it, it is a nice color for younger girls but for me it's not that exiting =/

Mac liquid liner, this thing sucks, it's probably dried up by now, but if it's not then I will try to finish it.

Victorias Secret lipstick
almost gone! I have to use a lip brush now to get the rest out!

Lancome lipstick
Very pretty nude, but again, I've had this for too long.

Bare Minerals bread pudding lipstick:
Not the best color on me, but I will finish it up.

Benefit lipstick in Lady's choice
Again, it's not really my color but it has a nice texture.

Mark lip stain marker
I have just had this for too long so I want to use it more.

The body shop lip and cheek stain
There isn't that much left in the tube so hopefully I will finish it this Fall/Winter

Loreal hip khol eyeliner
It's okay, I never really use it but it does stay all day in the waterline!

Products I Have Finished:
Stila Sun bronzer shade 1
So glad to have finished this, It was SO orange! would NOT recommend!

Revlon Colorstay foundation
I literally had to force myself to wear this everyday just so I could finish it. I may be alone in this but I hated it! It enhanced my dry skin, felt thick and heavy, and was so hard to blend. will not repurchase this.

Mac phlox lipstick
Finished! Its a very pretty color, but very sheer also.

Those are the products that I want to finish on this project __ pan, of course as I hit pan/ finish more products from my collection I will add them in with these. 
Is anyone else on a project ten pan right now?!
Talk to you soon! 
Love, Nikki

Sunday, November 21, 2010

Laura Mercier Silk Creme Foundation Review/ Swatches!!

The next product that I am going to talk about in my products I love blog series is the Laura Mercier Silk Creme Foundation! If you watch my videos you most likely know that I love this foundation. It is by far my favorite foundation. This foundation is oil free and meant to be worn on all different skin types, It has medium-full coverage and a dewey/glowy finish. I personally have combination/dry skin and although I have heard people with oily skin say they like this foundation, I'm not so sure everyone with oily skin will. I am a HUGE fan of the dewey finish, I think there is nothing more beautiful then having dewey skin, that is a big reason why I love this foundation so much. However, in the Summer this foundation for me at least, is not my fave. I am much more oily in the Summer then I am in the Winter and this foundation only enhances that. While I don't mind it at all in the Fall/ Winter (& even Spring), in the Summer my skin just looks too shiny with this on. The coverage is amazing, I don't need too much concealer when I wear this foundation. It is medium but build able to full coverage but it does not feel heavy or goopy at all. My favorite way to apply it is with my fingers, it melts it beautifully into the skin. I also like to apply it with a stippling brush on days where I don't want to get my hands dirty. I own this in three different shades, Rose ivory is one of the lightest shades, probably most comparable to Nw15-20 skin tones (my perfect match). Beige ivory is one shade darker and is most like Nw25 skintones. I also have cashew beige (my Summer shade) which is comparable to Nw30. 
This is not meant to be a long-wearing foundation, but I find that it lasts nicely on me throughout the day. I also think that you have to set this, or again it can be a little oily looking. I like to use the Shesiedo translucent loose powder or the Geurlain meteorites to set it. When looking for a foundation, I mostly look for one that has very good coverage and a nice dewey or natural looking finish, this foundation definitely does those two things and that is why it's my favorite!

Swatches for color reference: 
Rose Ivory (top)
Beige Ivory (bottom)

I hope you guys enjoyed this little review, I am probably going to do a real review on my youtube channel for this foundation because I love it so much! Thanks for your support, hopefully I will be back to making videos soon!
Love, Nikki

Saturday, November 20, 2010

Products I Love Series: Dalton Brow Fix!

Hey everyone! 
Since I cant make videos right now, I have decided to do more blog posts because i'm really missing making videos! For the next few days I will be writing short little blog posts on some random products that I love and use everyday. 
First one is Dalton brow fix..

Buy it here:

Here is a little description on the product from QVC:

What is it: A brow-raising hybrid between a cream and a gel, infused with natural cellulose fibers to help sculpt brows, defining your eyes and setting the structure for your face. It's color-matched to your hair color for a natural look.

Who is it for: Women that want to put dimension and color back into brows that have thinned due to overplucking or aging.

Why is it different: The micronized natural cellulose fibers simulate your natural brows, making them appear thicker and fuller. Coloring pigments fill in any sparse areas, and the conditioning cream nourishes while keeping stray hairs neatly in place.

How do I use it: Groom your brow into the desired shape with the spoolie end of the brush. Then lightly dab the stiff bristle end of the brush into the Brow Fix. Use gentle stokes in an upward motion to fill in the brow, starting with a light hand--you can always add more where needed. The formula can be removed with plain soap and water.

What I think about it:
Clearly, I love it! In my own words, it is mousse/gel eyeliner like in texture and really adheres to the brow hairs, it also adheres to the skin which is great for people who don't have many natural brow hairs. the unique texture is what I think makes it look so natural on, it literally looks like hair. since I have pretty full brows I mostly use this to add color and fill in any sparse areas here and there. It also stays on until you take it off at night. I have it in the color brunette and I would recommend that even if you have black hair, it will look more natural. This is definitely my top pick for brow products, nothing compares to this, not pencils, powders or waxes, this is seriously the best thing I have ever tried for brows. Just a warning, it has some pretty bad reviews on QVC, don't listen to them! For me at least, this product has not dried up at all and I have had it for 4 months. I have also never had mine flake off, I cant even imagine that happening since it is mousse like in texture. If I had to guess I would say those people are using it wrong because this stuff is amazing! If you have tried this or want to try it, let me know in the comments! 

Love, Nikki

Friday, November 19, 2010

Sephora FF and VIB Sale HAUL!!

I can't make a video right now because 1. I have strep.. and 2. my new computer broke =/
So of course the next best thing is a blog post! 
I bought some things from Sephora.. again.
Half of this if from the FF sale and the other half is from the most recent VIB sale, which I said I wasn't going to buy from, but.. I did.
I will still do a haul video on these products, but as a special treat to my blog followers, here is a sneak peek!
Hopefully I will be back to making videos soon, but for now I hope this tides you over.

Nars Eyeshadow Duos ($10)
Probably the most exiting purchase.. these two Nars duos were ONLY $10, regularly $32
Hopefully some of you got to take advantage of this great sale
burnt sienna and burgundy plum
I love this one, It's deff my fave. I like to wear the burgundy on my lid and blend it out with the sienna, it makes a really pretty smokey eye. 

light yellow opal and bright citrus lime

 Bobbi Brown Creamy Concealer Kit ($32)
I got this in the porcelain color, I have the beige but it is getting a little dark for me. 
Porcelain is the lightest color they make so it is perfect for under eyes.

Benefit Eye Bright ($20)
I love this for a quick brightening fix, the other day when I went to the doctor, I didn't feel well at all, but I looked horrible and I don't like to leave the house without at least a little makeup on. I just took this  brightener and swiped it on top and underneath my eyes and I instantly looked better, I can definitely see this becoming a fave!

Described as a pearly light pink

 Make Up For Ever Mat Velvet + Foundation ($34)
#20 & #30
I cannot wait until I feel better so I can try on this foundation, from swatches and reviews it looks and sounds very promising!

20 (left) is most comparable to nw15 skintones

30 (right) will probably work best on nw20 skintones

blended out- of course it's too light for my hand.. but you can see the nice coverage and finish it gives.

Boscia Luminizing Black Mask ($38)
 I have tried this a couple of times and I like it, I don't see a huge difference in my skin after I use it, but we will see.

Rare Minerals Skin Revival Night Treatment- Light ($60)
This is kind of an expensive product so I was glad to get it for a little less then normal. I use it every night so it is worth the price for me, but of course a day after I ordered it, it was on sale for $42 instead of $60 and now QVC has it in brand new packaging, which I will definitely be trying next!

LaVanila Roller ball Perfumes ($20)
Vanilla Grapefruit & Pure Vanilla
They both smell great, just what I like in a perfume, vanilla with a hint of fruitiness.
If I were to purchase one full size it would be the grapefruit one, its delish!

 Pacifica Tuscan Blood Orange Perfume ($22) & Roller Ball ($12)
YUM! These smell amazing! If you like citrus orange scents then you will love this, it is very fresh and Summery. The only downside is that it is more of a body splash so the smell does not last that long.

Clinique Youth Surge Night- for very dry to dry skin ($34)
I'm preparing myself for the cold dry winter!

Fresh Soy Face Cream
This was free because I purchased 4 skincare products in the last month. 
Hurry, this offer ends in December!

Tarina Tarantino Pink Brush Set ($48)
I certainly don't need any more brushes, but these are so pretty!

These are all very soft, and I can tell they are great quality brushes!

I will talk more about them in my haul video.

Sephora Prestige Brush Set ($125)
Yes, this was a very expensive splurge, but for me it was worth it.  I hate packing my brushes, whether it be for an overnight or weekend trip, it is never something I look forward to. I wanted a brush roll that was travel friendly, had all the brushes that I would need for a days use, and were good quality. This brush set definitely exceeded those three expectations, It's a great brush set for traveling or even for someone who wants to start up their brush collection. They are all great quality and are comparable to the Sephora platinum brushes which I love!

How cute are they!? they even have little rhinestones on them!

 Sephora Collection Metro Traincase in Black Diamond ($110)
I got this for traveling purposes, this will be great for those trips that last longer then a week, I'm such a makeup over-packer so this is perfect!
It is super high quality and worth the price 100%!

There is a ton of space in there too, a definite must have for traveling or makeup storage for girls who don't have as much!

That is what I got from Sephora lately! I am now going on a serious project ten pan! I might do a blog post on it since I can't post a video for the time being. 
Let me know what you think
Love, Nikki

Thursday, November 18, 2010

No Videos For A Little While! =/

So most of you know that I recently got a new computer, well it broke the other day and I have to bring it into the nearest Apple store to get it fixed, unfortunately the nearest Apple store is not so near so I have no idea how long it is going to take. Thankfully, I still have my old computer (which i'm using now) so I can still watch and comment back on videos. The camera that I use now is not compatible with this computer so I can't film new videos anyway, and of course I recently sold my old camera.. figures! Also, on top of everything else I'm pretty sure I have strep throat, yeah.. not the best week of my life. Anyways, hope you all are doing well and cross your fingers that I can fix my computer soon so I can start making videos again, I hate not posting them often! I recently got a lot of new stuff from Sephora so I will do a blog post on that for the time being. Oh, and I'm SO close to 10,000 subscribers which is a HUGE deal to me, so THANK YOU everyone, and keep subscribing so I can reach my goal!
Thanks for understanding! 
love you all! 

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Sephora F&F Sale Haul 2010!!

It is that time of year again..
The Sephora friends and family sale is here! Get your orders in soon because ends on November 3rd!
I bought too much, If you have not seen my haul video, feel free to check that out, but here are the products and swatches.. enjoy!

This is the sephora beauty in a box kit for Nars.. such a great deal!

Here is what it comes with..
Orgasm multiple- pinky peach cream blush, can also be worn on lips

Essential eyes palette- perfect mixture of neutrals, I love this palette! I could definitely do without the teal but whatever!

mini laguna bronzer, great for testing out the products, I use mine as an eyeshadow, & lipgloss in ophelia which i a nice strawberry color

Josie Maran Beauty in a box!
This is great because her brand is somewhat new to sephora, I have never tried her products, this is a great way to test out some must-haves!

The perfect neutral eyeshadow palette, gorgeous colors..

they are super pigment and smooth too, did I mention that al her products are infused with argan oil.. amazing! oh and they are all natural

Mini argan oil- so exited to try this out!
lipgloss in a golden champagne color- so pretty
lipstick in birthday suit- perfect nude
mini argan oil mascara- has to be good for lashes!
It was supposed to come with an eyeliner too but it was not in the box.. oh well lol

New Nars blush in sex appeal

It is a super sheer pastel peach would not show up on skin past nw25, but it should be nice for a soft touch of peach

Smashbox blush rush in flush

I thought I would have something like this, but honestly I dont! 
its a beautiful pastel light pink with a nice sheen, looks radiant and healthy on

bobbi brown corrector in porcelain peach

very light corrector, I love brightness under the eyes!

Laura mercier silk creme foundation- my fave foundation everrrrrrr- would not recommend for extremely oily skins

I bought this in two colors because i'm crazy.. top is rose ivory-nw20, bottom is beige ivory-nw25

Dior amber diamond highlight

beautiful highlight.. dont get me wrong, I love it, but it is very similar to bobbi brown shimmer brick in beige (see below)

bobbi brown shimmer brick in beige

left is dior amber diamond- right is bobbi brown shimmer brick
there is a slight difference, however, i'm sure they come up the same on the skin

ouidad moisture lock leave in conditioner- great for dry curly hair

ouidad 12 minute deep treatment- hydrates hair, makes it shiny and soft (formulated for curly hair)

josie maran argan oil for hair tames frizzes and makes hair shiny

clinique even better clinical dark spot corrector- best thing ive tried for lightening dark post-acne spots

Sephora by OPI nail polishes..
Full moon- glows in the dark!!!!! enough said.

brunette on the internet- thats me! a deep wine color

212-sephora- black with silver multi-color glitter

almost famous- dark pewter grey shimmer

and finally nars lip pencil in bettina- beige-rose

I amd still wanting a couple more things.. I know I have a problem.
first and foremost I want the mufe rock for ever dany's favorite set, I has anything anyone could ever need period.
I wanted to get my mom brow powders and exfoliator for hanukkah- which is sooner then you'd think!
and then for me I wanted a brush set for travel and a nighttime moisturizer

Thats all!
Love you guys!