Thursday, December 1, 2011

New Beauty Blog!

Hi Everyone!

I know I am not the best at keeping up with this blog, so I have decided to create a new one. One where I can just post a picture of something I love and not have to write a paragraph about it. 
So, I made a Tumblr..

My tumblr is basically going to act as my beauty blog. I post pictures of looks that I love and pretty makeup swatches too!
I hope you all follow my Tumblr account, I have been obsessed with it the last couple of days. I definitely urge you to make one if you haven't already.

xo Nikki

Sunday, January 23, 2011


Hey Everyone!
I made a Facebook page! I decided to make one because Facebook is really interactive, I love that it's a little bit more personal then my Youtube, Twitter & blog. I will be posting lots of makeup pics on there especially once I get my new camera for my Birthday! (2/14) So please "like" my page, I promise it will be worth it, once more people join in it will be like one big makeup party =)

So now on to the makeup part of this post.. I will be introducing this new product on my channel soon, but I wanted to give my lovely blog followers a  sneak peak...
To make a long story short, it is basically everything you need to touch up your makeup on the go, but it's not just limited to that.. you can use this credit card sized palette with everything you need inside, anytime of the day. The quality of the makeup is up to par with any of the other high end brands that I use. I will be doing many videos on this little compact in the future but for now I definitely suggest picking one up, I even have a coupon code for you! If you put in "legallybrunette" during checkout you can save $4 dollars!! The brand is called One Night Cosmetics, you can find this magical little compact here:

I really hope you guys check it out and let me know what you think down below!!
Love, Nikki!/MakeupNikki