Saturday, November 20, 2010

Products I Love Series: Dalton Brow Fix!

Hey everyone! 
Since I cant make videos right now, I have decided to do more blog posts because i'm really missing making videos! For the next few days I will be writing short little blog posts on some random products that I love and use everyday. 
First one is Dalton brow fix..

Buy it here:

Here is a little description on the product from QVC:

What is it: A brow-raising hybrid between a cream and a gel, infused with natural cellulose fibers to help sculpt brows, defining your eyes and setting the structure for your face. It's color-matched to your hair color for a natural look.

Who is it for: Women that want to put dimension and color back into brows that have thinned due to overplucking or aging.

Why is it different: The micronized natural cellulose fibers simulate your natural brows, making them appear thicker and fuller. Coloring pigments fill in any sparse areas, and the conditioning cream nourishes while keeping stray hairs neatly in place.

How do I use it: Groom your brow into the desired shape with the spoolie end of the brush. Then lightly dab the stiff bristle end of the brush into the Brow Fix. Use gentle stokes in an upward motion to fill in the brow, starting with a light hand--you can always add more where needed. The formula can be removed with plain soap and water.

What I think about it:
Clearly, I love it! In my own words, it is mousse/gel eyeliner like in texture and really adheres to the brow hairs, it also adheres to the skin which is great for people who don't have many natural brow hairs. the unique texture is what I think makes it look so natural on, it literally looks like hair. since I have pretty full brows I mostly use this to add color and fill in any sparse areas here and there. It also stays on until you take it off at night. I have it in the color brunette and I would recommend that even if you have black hair, it will look more natural. This is definitely my top pick for brow products, nothing compares to this, not pencils, powders or waxes, this is seriously the best thing I have ever tried for brows. Just a warning, it has some pretty bad reviews on QVC, don't listen to them! For me at least, this product has not dried up at all and I have had it for 4 months. I have also never had mine flake off, I cant even imagine that happening since it is mousse like in texture. If I had to guess I would say those people are using it wrong because this stuff is amazing! If you have tried this or want to try it, let me know in the comments! 

Love, Nikki


  1. Aside from the Dalton label, that pot looks exactly like the ebay/Coastal Scents gel liners!

  2. its deff not a gel liner, its a very different texture!

  3. i would love to try it. i love makeup so much i just dont have the money to buy things like most others. of course i have two kids and single so that doesnt make it easy either. but i do get to treat myself every month or so and i just bought the mac mineral finish and i love it. the powderflauge and the matte velvet like u have but mine is shade 40. im so loving it and i know u will to hugs hope u feel better soon