Friday, November 19, 2010

Sephora FF and VIB Sale HAUL!!

I can't make a video right now because 1. I have strep.. and 2. my new computer broke =/
So of course the next best thing is a blog post! 
I bought some things from Sephora.. again.
Half of this if from the FF sale and the other half is from the most recent VIB sale, which I said I wasn't going to buy from, but.. I did.
I will still do a haul video on these products, but as a special treat to my blog followers, here is a sneak peek!
Hopefully I will be back to making videos soon, but for now I hope this tides you over.

Nars Eyeshadow Duos ($10)
Probably the most exiting purchase.. these two Nars duos were ONLY $10, regularly $32
Hopefully some of you got to take advantage of this great sale
burnt sienna and burgundy plum
I love this one, It's deff my fave. I like to wear the burgundy on my lid and blend it out with the sienna, it makes a really pretty smokey eye. 

light yellow opal and bright citrus lime

 Bobbi Brown Creamy Concealer Kit ($32)
I got this in the porcelain color, I have the beige but it is getting a little dark for me. 
Porcelain is the lightest color they make so it is perfect for under eyes.

Benefit Eye Bright ($20)
I love this for a quick brightening fix, the other day when I went to the doctor, I didn't feel well at all, but I looked horrible and I don't like to leave the house without at least a little makeup on. I just took this  brightener and swiped it on top and underneath my eyes and I instantly looked better, I can definitely see this becoming a fave!

Described as a pearly light pink

 Make Up For Ever Mat Velvet + Foundation ($34)
#20 & #30
I cannot wait until I feel better so I can try on this foundation, from swatches and reviews it looks and sounds very promising!

20 (left) is most comparable to nw15 skintones

30 (right) will probably work best on nw20 skintones

blended out- of course it's too light for my hand.. but you can see the nice coverage and finish it gives.

Boscia Luminizing Black Mask ($38)
 I have tried this a couple of times and I like it, I don't see a huge difference in my skin after I use it, but we will see.

Rare Minerals Skin Revival Night Treatment- Light ($60)
This is kind of an expensive product so I was glad to get it for a little less then normal. I use it every night so it is worth the price for me, but of course a day after I ordered it, it was on sale for $42 instead of $60 and now QVC has it in brand new packaging, which I will definitely be trying next!

LaVanila Roller ball Perfumes ($20)
Vanilla Grapefruit & Pure Vanilla
They both smell great, just what I like in a perfume, vanilla with a hint of fruitiness.
If I were to purchase one full size it would be the grapefruit one, its delish!

 Pacifica Tuscan Blood Orange Perfume ($22) & Roller Ball ($12)
YUM! These smell amazing! If you like citrus orange scents then you will love this, it is very fresh and Summery. The only downside is that it is more of a body splash so the smell does not last that long.

Clinique Youth Surge Night- for very dry to dry skin ($34)
I'm preparing myself for the cold dry winter!

Fresh Soy Face Cream
This was free because I purchased 4 skincare products in the last month. 
Hurry, this offer ends in December!

Tarina Tarantino Pink Brush Set ($48)
I certainly don't need any more brushes, but these are so pretty!

These are all very soft, and I can tell they are great quality brushes!

I will talk more about them in my haul video.

Sephora Prestige Brush Set ($125)
Yes, this was a very expensive splurge, but for me it was worth it.  I hate packing my brushes, whether it be for an overnight or weekend trip, it is never something I look forward to. I wanted a brush roll that was travel friendly, had all the brushes that I would need for a days use, and were good quality. This brush set definitely exceeded those three expectations, It's a great brush set for traveling or even for someone who wants to start up their brush collection. They are all great quality and are comparable to the Sephora platinum brushes which I love!

How cute are they!? they even have little rhinestones on them!

 Sephora Collection Metro Traincase in Black Diamond ($110)
I got this for traveling purposes, this will be great for those trips that last longer then a week, I'm such a makeup over-packer so this is perfect!
It is super high quality and worth the price 100%!

There is a ton of space in there too, a definite must have for traveling or makeup storage for girls who don't have as much!

That is what I got from Sephora lately! I am now going on a serious project ten pan! I might do a blog post on it since I can't post a video for the time being. 
Let me know what you think
Love, Nikki


  1. Awesome haul Nikki!!
    I wanted to get the BB creamy concealer kit in the same shade, but they were sold out during the VIB 20% sale online, and all of the Sephora's I go to still don't carry the brand in stores..
    The Tarina Brushes are so cute, both sets look great!=)

  2. Wow loved your haul, all great stuff. i love NARS e/s they are great!

    Thanks : )

  3. I have the Sephora black diamond traincase too. It's so sturdy. I agree, it was completely worth the price. Especially after having a few super cheap Caboodle cases -the Sephora case was so worth it. I love it! I hope you enjoy it too!