Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Project 10 Pan! Products I Have Hit Pan On And Finished!

Hey Everyone! 
Recently, I have been buying way too much makeup, and today that ends. I really need to start saving money, plus I have a few non-makeup related things that I want (Ipod, elliptical, etc.) About a month ago I started a project ten pan that sadly failed do to the Sephora friends and family sale. Since then I have finished a couple of items and have started to finish up a few more. I'm going to start with 10 products but will definitely continue, my goal is about 30 or so products.
 Here are all the pictures of the products that are almost finished, Enjoy!

I keep all the products that I want to finish in this clear bowl on may vanity, it helps to keep them visible so I remember to use them everyday. These are mostly products that i want to finish, but I have other products in my collection that will be added as I hit pan/ finish them.

Bare minerals night treatment: almost done! I only have a couple more uses of this, and I already have a backup ready to go, plus they re-did the packaging so I cant wait to get that one too!

Cargo plant love lipstick in Lindsay
ew.. its way too creamy and it melts like crazy.
can't wait to finish it, I have had it for way too long.

Benefit dandelion blush: this definitely has a lot of product left in it, it is a nice color for younger girls but for me it's not that exiting =/

Mac liquid liner, this thing sucks, it's probably dried up by now, but if it's not then I will try to finish it.

Victorias Secret lipstick
almost gone! I have to use a lip brush now to get the rest out!

Lancome lipstick
Very pretty nude, but again, I've had this for too long.

Bare Minerals bread pudding lipstick:
Not the best color on me, but I will finish it up.

Benefit lipstick in Lady's choice
Again, it's not really my color but it has a nice texture.

Mark lip stain marker
I have just had this for too long so I want to use it more.

The body shop lip and cheek stain
There isn't that much left in the tube so hopefully I will finish it this Fall/Winter

Loreal hip khol eyeliner
It's okay, I never really use it but it does stay all day in the waterline!

Products I Have Finished:
Stila Sun bronzer shade 1
So glad to have finished this, It was SO orange! would NOT recommend!

Revlon Colorstay foundation
I literally had to force myself to wear this everyday just so I could finish it. I may be alone in this but I hated it! It enhanced my dry skin, felt thick and heavy, and was so hard to blend. will not repurchase this.

Mac phlox lipstick
Finished! Its a very pretty color, but very sheer also.

Those are the products that I want to finish on this project __ pan, of course as I hit pan/ finish more products from my collection I will add them in with these. 
Is anyone else on a project ten pan right now?!
Talk to you soon! 
Love, Nikki


  1. WOW you really did kill that bronzer! I need to be more like you - gotta finish my stuff up!

  2. I have a love/hate relationship with lipsticks that are so creamy - I hate it when they slide all around and then lil dents of them get taken out when putting it away - Estee Lauder (my favorite lipstick ever bc of texture and scent) is notorious for this!
    I love Revlon Color Stay! Perhaps the combo for oily/combnation skin would work better, who knows! I have also used up an entire bottel of Maybelline 24hr stay foundation and have repurchased - maybe that's a drugstore foundation you could try

  3. I love seeing new posts from you, it makes my day since your computer is getting fixed. Otherwise I will get withdrawals :P I am happy to see you finally did the p10p. I NEED to do this badly, I just do not know if I have the strength. I'm def doing good as far as no buying is concerned. I have accumulated way too much stuff so now I gotta start using these things. Thanks for the new post!! Keep them comin....

  4. Hey, love your youtube channel!
    I've recently started p10p and have decided to put the products in a bowl on my vanity like you have, great minds think alike :) x

  5. I love the Victoria's Secrets lipsticks! Can you please tell me the shade of this one? It looks like a nice color! :)