Sunday, August 29, 2010

Hello Beauties!
So, this is my first time EVER writing a blog.. I am not a very good writer (or good with computers for that matter), but I wanted to start a blog where I can talk (or write) about anything I want! This blog will probably be mostly beauty related with the occasional random post.
I have a beauty channel on YouTube, here is the link:
the best way to contact me is definitely through my YouTube channel.

I'm sure most of you have never watched my videos, so here is a little bit about me..
(Warning, most of these are pretty random)
My name is Nikki
I am obsessed with a lot of things..
mostly makeup
but most recently, nail polish (I will probably be doing swatches on here too)
I'm 18
I graduated High School this past year
I plan on going to Cosmetology school some time next year..
I want to do some traveling before then
I have wanted to be a makeup artist since I was ten
My ultimate life goal would be to do makeup for celebrities/ red carpet events
Lets get a little more personal..
My parents are divorced (since I was about 3 actually)
I live with my mom
My dad lives in Israel
I have never been, but plan on going sometime in October
I have a younger brother, he is 16
we don't get along.
I hate to admit it, but I don't have my license, mostly because I'm scared
speaking of being scared, I HATE scary movies
I only do chick flicks and romantic comedies
I love to read
mostly teenage books (Gossip Girl, Private, Pretty Little Liars)
I watch way too much tv, some faves are..
Gossip Girl
Vampire Diaries
Pretty Little Liars
too many others to name..
I'm the biggest procrastinator (YouTube certainly doesn't help that problem)
I'm living with my aunt for the summer
nannying for my 3 year old cousin
who now has a little sister (2 weeks today)
I'm leaving in a week to go home
The only reason I'm looking forward to that, is so I can Re-organize my makeup collection
lol I'm a loser
and an organizing freak.

I hope you enjoyed that!

My first actual post will be about my favorite makeup looks from the Emmy's!
(coming very soon)
Feel free to request any blog posts you would like to see!

Love, Nikki


  1. Hey Nikki! Im so glad that you have a blog, I'll definitely be following it! I love your makeup tutorials because unlike some other Youtube Gurus you're down to earth and relatable. Keep up the awesome videos and blog!

  2. I'm glad you made a blog! I love watching your videos! Check out my beauty blog at


  3. Hello Nikki, I am probably one of your oldest fans. I am 44 y/o. Welcome to the wonderful world of blogging. Its easier for me to blog, I want to start doing a beauty channel on You Tube but I am scared. Now about organizing , how do you organize your collection. I have an entire room dedicated to just makeup and more is going to be delivered, just looking for new ideas. I to have this wonderful obsession. Best of luck to you. Roz

  4. thank you! you should start a beauty channel, it's so fun! I have a video on my channel on my makeup organization, and I will do a new one soon! I mostly use the Lori Grenier storage pieces from QVC! good luck =)

  5. nikki! its cassie from way back at flagg st. not sure if you remember me but i alwaayys watch your videos on youtube. im obsessed with makeup too and i love your advice! btw i dont have my license either and i took a year off before college too so i can relate on that haha. just want to say im so glad you do these they def help me try new things with makeup! and next time you sell some more makeup ill probably be buying some :]

  6. omg hey cassie!! thats so cool that you watch my little vids! lol
    You should start a youtube, its really fun!! <3